5 Reasons to Visit Lord Howe Island

The family has come up with a checklist for their perfect holiday. It must feature plenty of beach time, activities to keep both the little kids and the big kids happy, perhaps a spot of fishing for dad, and it can’t be too far away. Where will you find this ideal destination? Lord Howe Island, of course! Here’s just five reasons why it’s one of New South Wales’ ideal holiday destinations.
5 Reasons To Visit Lord Howe Island - Discover New South Wales

  1. It’s a World Heritage listed paradise.
And it’s right on our doorstep! You’ll experience pristine beaches, crystal clear water, mountains and cliffs, and some of the world’s rarest wildlife along the way! Depending on how energetic you’re feeling, you can take in the sights and sounds of nature as you trek to the top of Mount Gower or hand feed the fish at Ned’s Beach. Strap on a snorkel and see if you can spot the Favourite, shipwrecked in 1965 or catch a wave on Blinky Beach.
Blinky Beach Lord Howe Island
  1. It’s just 2 hours flight from Brisbane or Sydney. 
 Meaning you can spend less time travelling, and more time on the beach!

  1. It has some of the world’s best fishing and diving.
Whether you’re more into scuba or snorkeling, you’ll be treated to some of the rarest and most unique fish and coral species in the world on Lord Howe Island. Located at the intersection of five major ocean currents, the wildlife is abundant, and the water is crystal clear. See how many of the 500 species of fish you can spot at one of the 60 dive sites.
If you prefer to stay on top of the water, the island also boasts some of the best fishing around. Protected from commercial fishing, the kingfish, tuna and marlin are in abundance and just a short trip from the jetty.

Snorkeling Lord Howe Island - Destination New South Wales

  1. You can make a difference to endangered species.
The UNESCO World Heritage Listed site of Lord Howe Island is not only home to some of the most spectacular fish, coral, bird and plant species, it’s also the perfect place to learn a little more about this delicate eco system. The kids (and the grown-ups) can learn about the conservation efforts on the island, or become involved in some of the Citizen Science programs that help track endangered species. This program runs from May – Sept, and is perfect for budding marine biologists in the family!
  1. Pedal power is the preferred mode of transport.
Get your legs pumping on one of the rainforest tracks winding between the island’s beaches. Stop off for a quick dip or a bite to eat – there’s no better way to experience Island life!

Bike Riding Lord Howe Island - Instagram - Destination New South Wales

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